Dance through life!

What my students say:

„I love Nia dancing with Lena! I have finally found a sport for myself that I no longer have to motivate myself to do and I have discovered my passion for dancing. Nia dancing liberates and inspires me and I can be there with my full presence. There is no right and no wrong. For me, Nia is about feeling into my body and into the music with guided dance steps and free dancing. Lena is a wonderful trainer with a warm, empathetic & luminous energy that fills the entire room. Thank you Lena for awakening the dancing in me. Pure gratitude!… and that since the first Nia dance lesson…“
Anne N. | Berlin


„Lena’s NIA classes are always a very special dance experience! Full of power, momentum and verve. The „Silent NIA lesson“ during Advent was also an extraordinary NIA experience for me.“
Simone S. | Munich


„My husband and I are Nia dancers in our country. We love to dance with others when abroad. A few years ago we discovered Lena in Berlin. Wow! what energy, rhythm in her dancing and her Passion shines through. She gives her classes all! Some years ago we got to her lesson, she was almost due to give birth. We were really impressed! It´s a real fun meetup for us with her, each time. We are friends since then.“
Jenny E. | Israel


„Thanks to Lena and her Nia classes, I have rediscovered my lost love of exercise. With Nia, I can switch off, surpass myself, let it all out, focus, make mistakes and laugh.
Since I’ve been doing Nia with Lena, I can cope much better with my tinnitus. When nothing helps, Nia helps. I never thought I would hype a sport so much. Lena definitely plays a big part in that. She lives up to her name and leads us through the choreographies, beaming with sunshine, and then she says „Let it be dancing“ with that sparkle in her eyes. I realize that I’m coming out of the nia class more and more with this thought in mind. Pretty cool!“
Anna S. | Berlin