Holistic Ayurvedic-inspired Health and Nutrition Coaching

“Let food be thy medicine.“
– Hippocrates

There are countless diets. There are numerous do’s and don’ts in nutrition. And all too often, we lose our natural sense of what we really need, what is good for us and what really nourishes and keeps us healthy, both physically and mentally. It doesn’t have to be good for you what it is for someone else. We are all individuals with different tastes, lifestyles, environmental factors, interests and needs. Therefore, our diet should be just as individual as we are. Of course, there are a few recommendations that are useful for all of us. But we should also try these out in an undogmatic way and check their suitability for our everyday life.

I would like to go on a search with you to find out what is best for you, what makes you feel healthy, fit and powerful, and what prepares you for your own daily routines.

For this we meet (in person or online) for an anamnesis talk and look together at your current state, your diet and also at your everyday life. Then I ask you to document your eating behavior in detail for a few days. I analyze these protocols for you and look at the composition of your meals and snacks.

I will evaluate all this information and create an overview with recommendations and a nutrition plan with a few recipes for inspiration. We will discuss the results in the second meeting and see how you can best and, above all, sustainably implement it.

When a little time has passed, I will check in to see how everything developed and be there to answer any questions you may have so far.

Package consisting of 3 appointments

Anamnesis / constitutional analysis
60-90 min

Evaluation of the anamnesis and the nutrition protocols, discussion of my recommendations for you regarding nutrition and everyday life
60 min

Follow-up meeting
30 min

In addition to these appointments, you will receive:

  • Evaluation of your nutritional protocols
  • Recommendations regarding your nutrition and the daily routine according to your constitution
  • Nutrition plan
  • Recipe ideas

Your investment in yourself 189 Euro

If you have questions about the diet and lifestyle of your child, feel free to contact me. I also offer consultations for kids (parents).
I won’t do a detailed constitutional analysis for kids. However, in the diagnostic interview I will also get an individual picture of your child and will provide you with ideas for a suitable diet as well as tips for everyday life. We can talk about the fee individually according to the scope. We will get along well with two hours.

Do you need more information or do you have questions?
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