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As a group of parents from the LearnLife EcoHub in Castelldefels near Barcelona we’re supporting Ukrainian refugee families since the beginning of the war.

The refugee families we support are living in several facilities all over Catalonia. There is one central storage facility where things like food, cloth, hygiene articles and toys are being collected and transferred to the different locations where the refugee families are located.

This storage facility is restocked by donations only and is responsible to provide all things necessary for more than 100 refugees, mainly women and children.

Unfortunately we’re not able to refill the storage facility all the time on our own so we would like to ask for your help.

If you’re able to provide money for this specific reason you’re able to do so on this website.

The idea is to collect money and then place an online order at every week with delivery directly to the storage facility.

We’ll keep listing every carrefour order we make on this website and we’re using the money we’re collecting on this website only for the carrefour orders.

Every person involved in this project is working voluntary and unpaid.

We thank you very much for your support!

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