Yoga improves strength and flexibility at the same time and also helps to improve your balance. Certainly goals you pursue as a kickboxer.
For offensive kicks and knee strikes you need mobility and flexibility in your hips. For the nonkicking leg, excellent balance is necessary.

As a boxer as well as a kickboxer, you will benefit from all the opening and stretching postures for the shoulders. You will train your arm strength through arm balances and flow through so called vinyasas.
Yoga helps you focus, reduces stress, improves your posture, keeps your joints healthy, and supports deep breathing and improved lung capacity.

Book your private yoga class with me now. I customize classes to fit your individual needs and experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever practiced yoga before or not, if you’re just doing some boxing or kickboxing training on the side, or if you’re preparing for competitions. Yoga will support you.

If you prefer to practice together with colleagues or friends, the private group class will be perfect for you. I will guide you through dynamic and fun yoga flows somewhere outdoor in a park or in the studio.

60 min
45 Euro

up to 4 people
60 min
60 Euro


Why should you try FeetUp Yoga?
The most important reason: Because it’s fun 😉
Why else? You benefit from all the positive effects that inversions bring! They improve your blood circulation, relieve the veins, the heart will be activated and your brain better supplied with oxygen. Inversions support your digestion, because the abdominal organs can really expand and they also strengthen your spine.
Not only on a physical level the “heart over head postures” do good! They calm your mind, they have a mood-lifting, nerve-strengthening and energizing effect and literally create new perspectives.

But why doing inversions with a FeetUp?
Guess! Because it’s fun 😉
Seriously, because your neck and cervical spine are relieved and the shoulders are supported. The stool is versatile, you can use it for different variations with feets up and as well with your feet on the ground as a wonderful tool in your yoga or sports practice.

How to use the FeetUp?
This you will learn in one of the FeetUp Intro Workshops. You will not only learn how to use it for your inversions or as a prop for classical asanas. You will also learn how wonderful the FeetUp is for flowing and fun yoga sequences.

You have a FeetUp at home and no idea how to use it? You have never heard of FeetUp before? You are afraid of doing inversions?

Book your session alone or with a friend. I am looking forward to guiding you through some FeetUp sessions and accompanying you in this experience.

60 min
45 Euro

60 min
60 Euro